Admission Process

Admission procedure

ADMISSION RELATED INFORMATION The school aims at providing very high standard of education and has many features of modern school of repute. The school is the co-educational English medium School following the curriculum of CBSE, New Delhi. The school house classes from Sub- Junior kindergarten, (SJKG) Junior kindergarten (JKG), Senior Kindergarten (SKG) , Class I to Class VIII. Apart from these we have also introduced a Child Centered Learning Program “Gregorian Kids Care” for 1 year and above kids. The application is available on the payment of Rs.500/-. The application form  should be completed and submitted. The admission is strictly on the bases of merit. A child is seeking admission to LKG should have completed 4 (four) years of age as on 31st March. The registration form issued to the selected candidate for admission should be duly filled in and registered at the school. Age criteria for admission is as below.

AY 2022- 2023 - Age Criteria for  Admission
Class Minimum completed age as on March 31 of the year Maximum completed age as on March 31 of the year
Pre KG 3 Years 4 Years
LKG 4 Years 5 Years
UKG 5 Years 6 Years
Class 1    6 Years*   8 Years*
Class 2 7 Years 8 Years
Class 3 8 Years 9 Years
Class 4 9 Years 10 Years
Class 5 10 Years 11Years
Class 6 11 Years 12 Years
Class 7 12 Years 13 Years
Class 8 13 Years 14 Years

*As per mandate of NEP 2020 entry age for Class I has been revised to 6+ years with effect from Academic Session 2022-23